Pre-university courses

Intro to higher education

There are two levels in this program of which the first level is for teens and the upper level is for adults.
The list of syllabus content is shown in the below table:

Course Name Code
History Primary 2030101En01
Imamate Primary 1060102En01
Islamic Rules Primary 1091101En01
Mahdism Primary 1070101En01
Morals Primary 2040101EN01,2040102EN01
After Life Primary 1040101En01
The Holy Quran Primary 1090101EN01
Islamic Supplication Primary 1092101En01
Monotheism Primary 1010101EN01
Prophethood Primary 1030101En01

Learners can cover the program in less than two years, one session weekly for 2 hours.

Other Courses and Programs

Online General courses for everyone

The program includes morals, the Holy Quran recitation, Arabic language grammar and more.

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Post Graduate programs in Shia Studies for graduated students

A higher education level for the graduated learners from BA level

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